True False is a big draw in a small town

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COLUMBIA - There will be nearly 8,000 people in Columbia from out of town for the True/False Film Festival this weekend according to a "conservative estimate" by event Co-Conspirator David Wilson.

Wilson said he expects at least 15,000 people at the fest this year with roughly half coming from outside of Mid-Missouri. Working with more than 100 local businesses, Wilson said the fest expects to bring in quite a bit of money as well.

"There are many local businesses in Columbia that help out one way or another... we couldn't do this without their support. We expect to make about $1 million this year in sales," Wilson said.

That money will go toward covering the cost of hosting the event as True/False is a not-for-profit organization. Also, that $1 million includes only the fest; local businesses helping out should see a spike in business this weekend as well.

Even with the influx of people to the area, True/False Box Office Director Arin Liberman doesn't necessarily want to see the fest grow too much more.

"We don't want the festival to become inaccessible, we like things to be within walking or biking distance," Liberman said.

Some visitors from out of town agree with the fact that the festival is unique due to its small-town feel. Marcia Foshee-Duffy and her husband Bob traveled all the way from Atlanta to volunteer at this year's fest.

"We have two film festivals in Atlanta, but they're much, much larger and we've just never taken the opportunity to volunteer at those. This one [is different] mainly because of the people," Foshee-Duffy said.

So while thousands will be making their way to Columbia this weekend for True/False, festival officials, volunteers and those from out of town would like it to keep its small-town feel.