True False Organizers Decorate Columbia

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COLUMBIA -The True/False Film Fest organizers will set up art displays in downtown Columbia throughout the day Wednesday.

David Wilson, a True/False organizer, said the festival celebrates film, music and this year they are starting to emphasize art.

The artwork will be put on display in several places around downtown Columbia. The locations include:

• Alley A, which runs east to west between Ninth and Tenth Street
• MU's Jesse Hall, which is the largest venue for the four day event
• The Globe sign will be displayed near the venue at First Presbyterian Church on Hitt street
• The Picturehouse, at Missouri United Methodist Church, will have design work going on both inside and outside
• Ragtag lawn, on Hitt Street, will have art installed

Wilson said the artwork is part of what inspires the theme.

"Each year we pick a theme for the fest," Wilson said. "It doesn't really come from the movies themselves it is really more about the art and decoration and ideas that surround the fest. This year we were thinking a lot about the connection between magic, stage magic, and film making; especially documentary making."

Wilson said both movies and magic deal in allusion and special effects.

"We always want our audience to be thinking about that just like our name, True/False," Wilson said. "We always want people to be thinking in-between the lines, and what these films are and how they are made."

Starting Wednesday, pass holders can pick up their passes at the box office. Wilson urges people to pick up passes Wednesday, because Thursday the box office will be extremely busy.

The app for the festival this year can be downloaded here. It will connect attendees with film descriptions, venue and schedule information, and more about the entire weekend event.