True/False organizers offer parking tips

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COLUMBIA - As the annual festival looks to host thousands of visitors and volunteers, parking for the True/False Film Festival may be a bit of a hassle. 

Arin Liberman, a spokesperson for the festival, said guests should make sure they plan accordingly when making their way to venues.

"Knowing where your film is playing at could help you on where you need to park downtown," she said. "Especially with potential weather coming in."

Liberman said guests should keep an eye out for spaces blocked off for the venue. 

"We work with the city to block off some parking near the venues that require our crews to go back and forth," she said. 

Local residents have some tips for metered parking in Columbia. 

"I downloaded the 'ParkMoblie' app on my phone that allows me to pay for parking while I'm in a film," Parker Bloss, a festival attendee, said.

The city started using ParkMobile services several years ago. It allows commuters to pay for parking over their phone, with an additional service fee. The app is available for free download on the app store.

"It really does come in handy," Bloss said.

Liberman also pointed out several parking garages downtown offer free parking on the weekends.

"The garages are a good place to go, but they fill up really quickly," she said. 

Liberman said one should carpool or take the bus downtown, if possible.

"The city knows the event is going on, and they won't be as strict with tickets," she said. "However, they still have every right to issue one if you are illegally parked."

The festival will be playing films until Sunday evening. Ninth street will be blocked off between Elm and Locust.