Truman Recycles With New Company

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KIRKSVILLE - Recycling bins will look a little different for students and teachers at Truman State University.  Beginning Monday May 2, the university will no longer be in charge of the recycling program for the school.  Instead they will rely on a business that is located just down the street from the main campus: The Sheltered Workshop.

Manager Dennis Dew of the Sheltered Workshop says although they have had to prepare to take on the large increase in recycled material, the business is prepared to take on Truman as a client. 

To do so, the business has been painting their name and logo over large blue bins which they will then place around the Truman campus.  However, they won't be collecting everything the previous recycling bins were.  Instead of collecting plastic bottles and aluminum cans, the new bins will only be for students to dispose of paper products.

Dew says to stay on top of the recycling, he plans to have a truck pick up the bins everyday at various locations around the university.

In addition, students can drop off any paper products they collect themselves at the Sheltered Workshop on Osteopathy Street.