Truman VA Hospital hosting town hall Wednesday evening

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COLUMBIA - The Truman VA Hospital is hosting a town hall Wednesday evening. 

The main focus of the town hall will be discussing new education opportunities and offerings the VA has.

"It also gives those veterans that attend an opportunity to give us feedback, to ask questions and to raise issues," said Stephen Gaither, Public Affairs Officer for Truman VA. "It is very important for any customer to have an opportunity to share feedback with the person providing that service."

Gaither said the VA is trying to educate veterans on health programs it offers including the Health Promotion Disease Prevention. The program offers various opportunities, including classes on smoking prevention and weight loss. 

Gaither said these programs "help veterans with a whole variety of issues they may be dealing with." 

David Shulkin, U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs, recently offered five main focuses for the VA nationwide in his State of the VA address.

Those five points included greater choice for veterans, modernizing the VA's systems, improving timeliness and speed of service, focusing resources more efficiently and suicide prevention. 

Gaither said these five focuses will also be discussed and explained at the town hall.

The town hall starts at 5:30 p.m. in the Patient Education Center of the Truman VA Hospital.