Truman VA to open a new inpatient surgical facility

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COLUMBIA - Harry S. Truman Memorial Veteran's Hospital celebrated the opening of a new surgical unit Wednesday. 

Truman VA unveiled the completely renovated inpatient surgical facility with a ribbon cutting and open house.

The new surgical inpatient unit will move from the sixth floor to the third floor of Truman VA, more than doubling in size from 6,900 to 15,300 square feet, allowing the space for private rooms, instead of the old semi-private rooms.

"We believe that because of their service, that they have earned this care in the VA." David Isaacks, Medical Center Director of Truman VA said. "We want to be at or above the community standard when it comes to care."

The new unit has 18 rooms, two equipped for bariatric patients. The rooms are also equipped with vital sign monitors for automatic data entry, which helps both the patient and the nurses, and leaves no room for manual entry errors.

"They wirelessly transmit data," Surgical Unit Nurse Manager Justin Duckworth said. "Any kind of potential error that can be happening from transcribing that information will be eliminated, and also that information is available for providers and other team members in a more timely manner."

All of the patient rooms have state-of-the-art technology, including ceiling lifts to move patients in and out of their beds to restrooms or out of the room for procedures. 

Friends and families also have ample space in the new rooms to spend the night with their loved ones, which was not possible before.

"The ability to have a private room, as well as the furniture that can accommodate that family member and the space to inhabit them here is really going to help for our veteran comfort," Duckworth said.

Isaacks said with the new intensive care unit built and the new surgical unit on the third floor, Truman VA hopes to build a new medicine floor on the same floor, so veterans can seamlessly have their entire stay on one floor instead of having to travel within the hospital.