Trump voters in rural MO

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COOPER COUNTY - Donald Trump's win on Tuesday surprised many people and pundits alike.

But that certainly wasn't the case in Cooper County, where 70 percent of voters there went for the businessman.

"Everybody I've talked to has been for Trump, and we're very happy he made it," said one supporter, Paula Cary.

They all agreed that they're excited for Trump to shake up Washington.

"I think we need a big change, and I think Mr. Trump's going to do that," Cary said.

"He'll change the things we need changed," added another supporter, Deana Imhoff.

Several supporters said Trump's lack of political experience will be refreshing in Washington.

"There's too much crookedness in Washington. At least Donald Trump will be a new face," said Trump supporter Brad Cornine.

"We voted for him and what he stands for and putting the rights back in people's hands and getting government out of our business," Imhoff said. She added, this is the same reason she voted for Eric Greitens.

Paula Cary said she felt a connection to Trump because, "he's very sure of himself, very plain-spoken."

One supporter said he knew the polls showing Clinton winning the election weren't accurate.

"The polls were wrong all along. I knew it too," Cornine said. He added that all of his friends and family planned to vote Trump since the beginning, but not all of them shared that with anybody.

That was apparent for many Cooper County voters, as KOMU 8 News spoke to several people who said they'd rather not be on camera and have their name attached to their vote.