Trumpets Spice Up Jefferson City Away Games

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COLUMBIA - Roger Hager and Leonard Vader try to make Jefferson City away games a little more like home.

The duo have been bringing their trumpets and playing the fight song every time the team scores. Hager said, "They like for us to go, now the cheerleaders will dance to the song. It's just a fun thing to do."

They got the idea from a silent game. "They scored a touchdown one time, and it was dead silence, and we thought, hey! We could bring our trumpets and play. And so I think the first time we did, everyone was shocked. Everybody. Cheerleaders, football team, they were like, whose playing? But the crowd got into it pretty rapidly and started clapping along," Hager recalls.

Hager and Vader have only missed six games since 1994.

"We just want to be there and support the team, cheerleaders and the community. That's what we are here for," Vader said.

The football team keeps these two pretty busy, but they never get trumpeted out.

"Nah, I never get tired of it. I have been playing that song since 1963," Hager laughed.

Cheer coach Emily Elder doesn't get sick of it either.

"It's really nice to have. I love the fact that they come because the girls can do the fight song and get into it with the crowd and they love it," Elder said.