Twinkies Return to Shelves July 15

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BOONVILLE - Sweet tooths, rejoice.

Twinkies return to store shelves July 15.

Daren Metropolous, principal partner of investment group Metropolous & Co., made the announcement today. His group, along with Apollo Mangaement Group, purchased the Twinkie brand when Hostess filed for bankruptcy in November.

The Hostess factory in Boonville, however, will not be producing Twinkies. That plant was one of twenty Hostess factories purchased by Flowers Foods, and will produce Wonder Bread and other hamburger buns. The nearest Hostess factory to mid-Missouri producing Twinkies is in Emporia, Kansas. It's one of four bakeries that will produce the spongy orange cakes, down from the eleven that made them before Hostess went bankrupt.

Mid-Missouri shoppers looking to celebrate the comeback with a box of their own shouldn't worry if the product will be in the area.

"The full line of Hostess products will be available nationwide July 15," Hostess PR representative Lynn Trono said.

Metropolous & Co. and Apollo Management Group bought the Hostess products in a liquidation sale for $410 million. Along with Twinkies, the group will produce Ding Dongs, Ho Hos, CupCakes, Donettes, Zingers, Devil Dogs and mini muffins. Metropolous also bought Pabst Blue Ribbon.

There still is no date set for the release of Hostess' other products through Flowers Foods.