Two accused of stealing neighbor's holiday deal

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FULTON - Porch pirates struck in Fulton last week amid Cyber Monday deals and holiday season sales. 

A woman, who wished to remain anonymous out of fear of getting her stuff stolen again, had a 50 inch TV stolen from her apartment in Callaway Village. 

Police say the suspects were her neighbors from across the hall, Sarena Wilkerson, of Fulton and Karisten Royal of Wisconsin. They were charged with taking the TV off her porch. 

"I got a knock on my door saying they were trying to move my TV," she said. "They had put it on a truck and were trying to leave town." 

But the woman said she wasn't surprised because the suspects consistently tried to find a reason to enter her apartment whenever possible. 

Lieutenant Bill Ladwig of the Fulton Police Department also said this isn't surprising as well.

"This time of the year we do see a spike in packages being taken from houses or homes," said Ladwig.  

Fulton police returned the TV to the woman Sunday. 

"I won't necessarily say I forgive them," said the woman. "But I just am like okay - you stay down there, I'll stay down there, don't let anything else of mine come up missing."

Another Fulton woman, Teresa Banks, has had packages stolen from her house which is located on a private drive.

"I had a delivery worth 800 dollars and it got stolen off the porch when I was home," said Banks. "When I put in a claim (at UPS) for it, I got treated like I stole it." 

Fulton PD said some tips for preventing this from happening is to send packages to work places, to UPS or have text messages alert you when the package has arrived.