Two armed robberies lead to worried customers

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COLUMBIA - Two armed robberies happened Tuesday night at La Quinta Inn & Suites and Patricia's grocery store. The Columbia Police Department a man wearing a Halloween mask and carrying a handgun carried out the robberies.

The suspect took an undisclosed amount of money at both scenes.

Patricia's customer Abel Rodriguez said the armed robberies have him worried for his neighbor's safety. 

"It makes me feel a little bit insecure for the families that come here with kids," said Rodriguez. "I think it makes those families a little bit more vulnerable since it will be harder to look out for themselves and their children."

Columbia police officials said no one was hurt during the robbery, but several customers at both locations said the incidents will make them more cautious of where to go and what time to run errands.

Columbia resident Nadia Ryakhmyatullov said the incident makes her feel sad and scared since she lives right up the street from Patricia's. She said she would start making sure she does not expose herself when it gets dark outside.

"You can try to prepare, but when an incident like this happens, you cannot be prepared enough," said Ryakhmyatullov.