Two cities could merge to save taxpayers over 1 million dollars

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HOLTS SUMMIT - The governor could pass a bill merging two cities that would save some taxpayers $1.5 million.

The bill would merge the small village of Lake Mykee with Holts Summit. The two communities are located less than a mile down the road from each other. 

Lake Mykee needs a new sewer system, which would cost taxpayers $1.5 million to construct. That is a large sum for a community with a population of just over 300 people.

Merging would allow Lake Mykee to use Holts Summit's sewer system and save money. 

The bill's sponsor Rep. Travis Fitzwater, R-Holts Summit, said in a statement this legislation has support from more than 90 percent of citizens in the area.

Holts Summit city administrator Ed Carlstrom said this merger would benefit both communities.

"It's really benefiting Holts Summit because we're maximizing our numbers," Carlstrom said, "which helps to control costs down the road because of the larger number of sewer hookups, customers and residents your operation becomes more efficient."

The bill unanimously passed in the Senate and passed in the House with a vote of 149 to 1. If signed, the bill becomes effective on August 28.