Two Corporations Still in Running for Capital Conference Center

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JEFFERSON CITY  - After nearly six months of trying to be selected for a conference center development site in Jefferson City, Drury Development Corporation sent a letter to the city administrator Friday, withdrawing from the selection process.

Nathan Nickolaus, the city administrator, said the Drury Development Corporation, Ehrehardt Hospitality LLC and Farmer Holding Companies each expressed interest in developing a conference center for the city.

Nickolaus said Drury Development Corporation did not provide a reason for withdrawing from the project, but said the two other companies are still in the running.

"What we're looking for is a hotel and conference center, we're looking for ideally something with 30,000 square feet with ideally 300 hotel rooms," he said.

He said the two other buildings are looking at areas on McCarty Street and near the Capitol Mall for development.

Representatives from the Drury Development Corporation said they had no comment on the situation.

There is a meeting Thursday evening at the Jefferson City City Hall building to discuss the development plan of the remaining companies.