Two Dixon city officials face 16 charges including forgery

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PULASKI COUNTY - The Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney is charging Michael Plummer and his wife Sheila Plummer with a combined 16 charges. Both have been arrested.

Michael Plummer is the city marshal and his wife was the city's collector. He is being charged with forgery related to a Blood Alcohol Content test, covering up a DWI, stealing, lying to the sheriff and a number of other accusations. Sheila Plummer is being charged with stealing by lowering the price of her parents' water bill while she was the city collector.

According to a news release by the prosectuing attorney's office, the investigation stems from the Missouri State Auditor's Office report that showed significant issues within the city of Dixon.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is leading the investigation, and its findings as well as a Pulaski County grand jury's investigation lead to the charges.