Two Jefferson City Officials Resign

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JEFFERSON CITY - Jefferson City's public works director Roger Schwartze submitted his resignation on Tuesday, along with the city's communication manager Michelle Gleba. According to a statement from the city's communication manager, Schwartze resigned on Monday.  Gleba also announced her resignation in that statement on the same day.

Gleba spoke to KOMU 8 News on the phone and said her reason for leaving was personal and she plans to focus on new opportunities and spend more time with family.  Gleba worked for the city since March 2010, but she says her reasons for leaving have nothing to do with a budget crisis.

Schwartze says Jefferson City has found itself in a significant financial crisis. "We're having to make significant cuts and at this point it doesn't look that we're not going to be able to avoid layoffs so I'm simply starting with myself, to be the first one, instead of having to cut other folks," said Schwartze.

Fourth Ward City Council woman Carrie Carroll says the the council will hold a special meeting Thursday morning to discuss budget issues, employee morale and the recent resignations. When KOMU 8 News asked about her reaction to the two resignations in one day Carroll said, "Definitely surprised. It was unexpected and I know that we are in a tough budget time but we also need help in figuring that out when some of our key department directors are going to be essential to help us through this process."

Schwartze's began his work as the public works director in January of 2012 and worked for MODOT for 34 years before that.  His resignation is effective April 1.  Gleba began her work in March 2010 and her resignation is effective March 26.  As this time, Schwartze said the city does not plan to replace the positions.