Two local girls to perform at Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival

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COLUMBIA - Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival attracts 30 musicians from across the country each year. This year one of the acts doesn't have to travel far. 

Olivia and Emma Burney, better known as The Burney Sisters, will be performing at Roots N Blues on Sunday, September 29th. The girls said there is a lot of emotions when you play on a stage this big.

"I'm like 50/50. I'm super nervous but I am really excited," Olivia said. 

Olivia, who is 14-years-old, and Emma, 11, will be the youngest performers at the festival this year. The sisters don't let their age hold them back.

"I think that it hasn't really hindered us from getting some great gigs. You know its mostly about the friends and connections you make and I think we are on good terms with a lot of people," Emma said.

The girls started performing three years ago when a family friend stopped by their house and started playing guitar. The girls sang along and eventually he asked them to be on his album. Once he got sick and could no longer play, the sisters knew they needed to continue playing music together.

"We learned 20 covers and started street performing," Emma said. 

Eventually the girls began writing their own songs. in 2017, they released their first song titled "Constellations." 

The girls competed in Battle of the Bands last year, which is a competition between local artists. This year the sisters got an unexpected text from the owners of Roots N Blues. 

"He texted us and was like, how about instead of competing, how about you play the festival and we were like, definitely yes," Olivia said.

When it comes to their performance at Roots N Blues, the girls describe it as a collaboration. 

"The fun thing about our band for Roots N Blues is that its just going to be different people filtering in and out of each song," Olivia said. "We have this incredible band of people that we are able to get to play with."

The girls will be hosting a meet and greet after their performance on Sunday at 3:45 p.m. in the merchandise tent. 

They also just released a new single this month called "Make Me Happy."