Two Mid-Missouri Colleges Announce New Transfer Deal

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JEFFERSON CITY - Governor Jay Nixon announced Wednesday morning a new agreement that will allow students to transfer credits earned at Linn State Technological College to Lincoln University.

Central Missouri Innovation Campus (CMIC) launched this agreement last year.  This agreement will train students for career opportunities and help to reduce student debt. Governor Jay Nixon said this agreement will address critical information technology needs in central Missouri.

"When it comes to growing our economy, a highly educated and trained workforce is absolutely vital. Education is quite simply the best economical developmental tool there is," said Nixon.

This program aims to help speed up degree completion, reduce the cost of education and reduce student loans. 

"When it comes to higher education, we have twin priorities. We want to make a college education as affordable and accessible as possible. On my watch, Missouri has led the nation in holding down increases in tuition costs. We also want to make sure we provide a high quality education for our students that prepares them for the jobs and careers for tomorrow," said Nixon.

While still in high school, Innovation Campus students will be directed toward specific courses that will prepare them for careers in information technology.  The program will also help increase employment opportunities for students after graduation.