Two More Little Free Libraries Come to Columbia

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COLUMBIA - Laurie Spate-Smith was an English teacher for 24 years before she recently retired, but she can't get away from her love of literacy.

Spate-Smith just put up a Little Free Library in front of her house. These Little Free Libraries are small boxes filled with books that anyone can take, with the hope that they will bring a different book back and leave it in its place.

"The mission is to promote literacy in the community," said Spate-Smith. "When I retired from teaching English for 24 years I decided 'I want to keep doing something with literacy.' I love them."

Two days after Spate-Smith put up her Little Free Library, a neighbor down the street put up their own.

"Two doors away from us, totally unplanned and unbeknownst to us is another free lending library," said Spate-Smith. "I haven't had a chance to talk to my neighbors about this, but it's crazy."

Spate-Smith said she and a friend plan to start making Little Free Libraries and selling them. Anyone interested can email her at