Two Police Sergeants Taken Off the Streets for Administrative Work

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COLUMBIA - Two Columbia police sergeants are off the streets and focusing all of their attention on records. The move went into effect this week.

Police said it was Assistant Chief Brian Richenberger and his lieutenants' idea to start the trial process. The new plan takes two sergeants off the streets so they can work on writing reports, checking reports and record keeping.

Columbia Police Sergeant Joe Bernhard said the change should give the sergeants on the streets more time to patrol and respond to calls. He said the two administrative sergeants will hopefully alleviate drive time for officers on the streets.

Sergeant Cyndi McLane and Sergeant John Dye are on the administrative side of things for now. Bernhard said the department will evaluate the program after three to six months and see if the change helped.

Bernhard said the change should increase consistency in reports and speed up the report process.

Dale Roberts of the Columbia Police Officers Association said he is cautiously optimistic regarding the program. He said the goal of the association is to get feet on the street. When he initially heard of the change, he said he was startled sergeants would be off the streets. He said after thinking about how much paperwork all officers have to complete, he thinks it should help to have two sergeants just focusing on the paperwork.