Two years after Carl DeBrodie was reported missing, few criminal charges remain

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FULTON - Wednesday marked two years since Carl DeBrodie was reported missing from an assisted living facility in Fulton, and some are frustrated the legal case against his killers and abusers is not over. 

DeBrodie had a mental disability and limited communication, and was living at Second Chance Homes. Seven days after he was reported missing, authorities found his body encased in concrete in a storage unit. 

Here is a timeline of some major events from the case: 

Mary Martin considers herself DeBrodie's "second mother," and said she was his legal guardian until he turned 18 years old. 

Recounting the time of DeBrodie's disappearance to KOMU 8 News Wednesday, Martin said her brother-in-law told her about DeBrodie's reported disappearance, saying he heard it on the radio. Martin said, since she lives three hours away from mid-Missouri, that day was "stressful." 

"I packed a bag, got in the car, came over to Fulton and then stayed with the search party," she said. 

Fulton Police Chief Steve Myers also used the same word to describe the day.

"Any time you’ve got somebody, especially a child, basically that’s what Carl was, missing, it’s certainly stressful not only on myself and my officers but also the community," Myers said. 

Martin said she somehow knew authorities would not find DeBrodie alive. 

"I knew him too well that he wouldn’t have just been moseying down the street if he’d been alive," she said.

Both Martin and Myers believe DeBrodie was missing long before it was reported. 

In February 2018, one family member told KOMU they "knew" DeBrodie had been dead for at least 12 months before his body was found. 

Martin said she still cannot believe what happened.

"It’s always, I say, the bewilderment as to the fact that this could’ve happened in the first place when he was in care in a group home," she said. 

Myers said he'll continue to look back on DeBrodie's case. 

"I’ve been doing this for about 37 years and I’ve probably worked about four or five cases that were really grisly cases and this certainly going to be one of them I’ll never forget," he said. 

The investigation is ongoing, which is frustrating for Martin and DeBrodie's loved ones. They aired their feelings on the #JusticeForCarl Facebook page Tuesday. 

Martin said Callaway County is ready to prosecute, but is waiting on the federal charges to come down.

"I feel like the Feds are not giving it a priority, and I’m sure everybody feels that way when it’s their case or whatever, but come on, two years?" Martin said. 

Myers said this might have been one of the biggest cases his department has ever taken on, so he understands that frustration, but said he encourages patience. 

"I can tell you that myself and some of my investigators that worked around the clock on that case are frustrated a little bit," he said. "I think there’s going to be more charges come down and there’s going to be some serious consequences that will be paid." 

Myers said the federal system is very slow to work, but can be devastating, too. He said he thinks, by this time next year, several more people will be indicted in relation to the case. 

Martin said the hardest times for her are at night, when she lays in bed thinking about the cruelty that Carl endured. She said she wants those involved to be held responsible.

"I think they all should go to jail and feel the pain," she said. 

According to a news release in June 2018 from Callaway County Prosecuting Attorney Chris Wilson, Sherry K. Paulo, 53, Anthony R. Flores, 58, Anthony R.K. Flores, 32, Shaina Osborne, 29, and Mary K. Paulo, 34, all of Fulton were all indicted for several offenses.

Sherry Paulo and Anthony R. Flores have been indicted with five counts:

  • Class D felony of client neglect
  • Class C felony of involuntary manslaughter in the first degree
  • Class D felony of abandonment of a corpse
  • Class A misdemeanor of making a false report of a missing person
  • Class A misdemeanor of making a false report of a missing person

Anthony R.K. Flores has been indicted with two counts:

  • Class A misdemeanor of making a false report of a missing person
  • Class A misdemeanor of making a false report of a missing person

Osborne and Mary K. Paulo have been indicted with one count each

  • Class A misdemeanor of making false reports of a missing person.

In February, two people pleaded guilty to misdemeanors of making false reports. Callaway County prosecutors charged Anthony Raymond Kaulana Flores, 32, and Shaina Osborne, 30, after police said they knowingly lied to authorities about DeBrodie's whereabouts. 

Both Sherry Paulo and Mary Paulo's trials were postponed. 

Last week, Martin said Carl's Helping Hands officially registered as a non-profit organization. She said the goal is to help people with disabilities and keep DeBrodie's name alive. 

Martin said the group will meet next week to discuss fundraising.