U.S. Sen. McCaskill Looks Ahead to November Election at Watch Party

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) told supporters she is the underdog in the 2012 Senate race at a watch party at the Clay County Democratic Party headquarters. Her campaign expects to spend about six to seven million dollars more before the November election, but McCaskill said GOP candidate John Brunner personally spent about eight million dollars up to Tuesday's primary.

Although her campaign has been hit with negative ads, Sen. McCaskill said she does not want to follow suit in the coming months. "Our our ads will be factual, they will all be documented. The documentation will show very clearly on the screen. We are not going to make things up like they have been making up against me," McCaskill said.

Sen. McCaskill also said at the watch party she did not have a preference for who the Republican nominee would be. She said she might have felt differently if one candidate had been more moderate, but all took extreme positions on privatizing Medicare and social security. "They are willing to have taxpayers subsidize big oil before they are willing to take care of Medicare, social security and student loans. I think that's a pretty dramatic contrast," McCaskill said.