UM leaders vote to increase tuition system-wide

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COLUMBIA - The University of Missouri System Board of Curators voted Tuesday afternoon to increase tuition at all four UM system campuses.

The increase could help the university alleviate some of its financial woes. Leaders increased tuition as much as state regulations will allow, voting for a 2.1 percent hike for all students at MU, and larger increases for graduate students and non-resident undergraduates at other campuses.

The largest hike, 6 percent, goes to non-resident graduate students at Missouri S&T in Rolla.

For resident undergraduate students at MU in Columbia, the changes mean shelling out about $200 more in tuition and fees in the next school year.

University leadership hopes to bring in about $8.9 million in additional revenue from the tuition hikes, according to system spokesperson John Fougere.

"That's not gonna get the job done," he said. "Obviously, we're going to have to be more efficient. We're going through a budget process right now where every one of our campuses has been submitting detailed budget plans to find, uh, the efficiencies, the savings we need to go forward."

All resident undergraduates in the UM system will see the same 2.1 percent increase as all MU students. Tuition increases for other students are based on resident status and campus:

  • At the University of Missouri in Kansas City, nonresident undergrads, resident grad students and non-resident grad students will all see a 5 percent tuition increase
  • At Missouri S&T in Rolla, nonresident undergrads and resident grad students will see a 5 percent increase, while nonresident graduate students will see a 6 percent increase
  • At the University of Missouri St. Louis, nonresident undergrads will see a 4 percent increase. All grad students will see a 5 percent increase

The tuition increases come just as the University of Missouri system is set to announce a new MU chancellor Wednesday.

Alexander Cartwright will become the new leader of MU. He'll step into a role plagued by questions and controversy since protests erupted at MU in late 2015 over then-MU Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin's handling of racist incidents.

Cartwright's announcement as MU chancellor-designate is expected Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.