UM President Talks to High Schoolers About College Education

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MOBERLY - University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe talked to Moberly middle and high schools students Friday about the value of a college education. This is the first stop on the "Show Me Value" tour around the state. In the presentation, Wolfe described his own academic problems as a high schooler.

"I was more focused on football and girls," said Wolfe.

Using an animated Prezi presentation, Wolfe described how he not only made it to college, but graduated from the University of Missouri and went on to work in business. He also spoke on debt, celebrities with college educations, and money earned over a lifetime.

Wolfe said he was not advocating just for the UM system, but any college, because of the value it has.

"It helps you spread your wings," he said.

There is an interactive Twitter component of the tour, encouraging students to tweet their goals for college.

The Moberly High School Principal Aaron Vitt said about 67 percent of Moberly High School students attend college or a technical school.