Undeclared Property Auction

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COLUMBIA - State Treasurer Clint Zweifel is holding an Unclaimed Property Auction Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m at the Hilton Garden Inn Conference Center.

The treasurer's office says Mid-Missouri has nearly $27.3 million in unclaimed property, while the state of Missouri has almost $760 million.

The items available for auction include coins, paper money and jewelry.

All items originated in safe deposit boxes and after five years of being unclaimed are turned over to the state treasurer's office.

If the items are not claimed after a few years in the state treasurer's possession, they are sent to auction.

When an item is sold, the proceeds go into an account. If the owner of the property ever surfaces, they can receive the monetary compensation, but the item itself is gone forever.

According to Scott Harper, director of Unclaimed Property for the Treasurer's Office, says auctions are held about once a year.

"I would imagine a couple hundred people will come through the door that will bid and some that will just look," he said. "I think it's always interesting to see the different kinds of items we have."

Harper says the majority of the people who attend these auctions are collectors who are interested in particular items. 

According to Harper, this year's auction attracted people from as far away as Florida.

"It's a unique opportunity to see this amount of stuff in one place as well as to look at it and even bid on it," he said.

To see if you or someone you know has unclaimed property or to file a claim, go to www.showmemoney.com