Unemployment requirements changing at end of July

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COLUMBIA - The COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot about how we live, and unemployment benefits weren't left out.

Unemployment requirements were relaxed, and benefits were bumped up to $600 weekly.

Requirement's to get that money changed starting this week. To qualify now, applicants need to have 3 job search activities weekly.

"Yeah, I think to fill the requirement, it's relatively easy. And so you can actually reply for three jobs pretty rapidly if you're on something like indeed, or zip recruiter or snag a job, some of those sites," John Scalise, Rehabilitation Services Manager at Job Point, said.

Missouri is currently sitting at 10.1% unemployment, ranking 21st nationally.

Scalise says he's seen more people coming through Job Point because of the pandemic.

"I spend a lot of time talking to people about what I call 'The Wheel of Perfect,'" he said. "Everybody has that ideal job, but if you can kind of pick five different jobs, depending on the situation you'd be open to, then I think that makes it a lot easier to find that ideal job."

He says as people's ideas surrounding the pandemic change, jobs will also change.

"I'm pretty optimistic, I do believe as there's resolution to the pandemic, as people's comfort level and knowledge changes, there will be a lot of job opportunities," Scalise said.

The $600 weekly checks stop on July 31st.