United For Joplin Donations Exceed $1 Million

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COLUMBIA - KOMU-TV teamed up with the Mid-Missouri community Thursday night to donate more than $1 million for the United for Joplin relief fund for tornado victims.

"One caller said the lines were so jammed up, it took 25 times to call in," KOMU 8 GM Marty Siddall said.

Pure Marketing, along with the Heart of Missouri United Way and KOMU-TV, held the telethon fundraiser at the Museao building on Buttonwood Drive in Columbia.  Local businesses donated large checks and viewers kept phones lines busy with called-in donations. Columbia resident Rex Bandy and his son donated $100.

"All men are created equal. And i I believe in that," Bandy said. "These people in Joplin. I feel for them, If I could do anything, I would. I'd drive down there."

Bandy is a World War II and Korean War veteran. He drew a picture of Nagasaki, Japan after the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb there. He'd like to go down to Joplin to draw a picture of the destruction there as well."

"I got four or five pretty little girls that'll drive me," Bandy said of how he could get down there.

Telethon phone lines remained open until at least 9 p.m. Text 864833 or call 573-884-8100 to make a donation.


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