University Hospital Brings Specialized Program to Mid-Missouri

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COLUMBIA - The University of Missouri School of Medicine is creating a program to train doctors specializing in emergency medicine. It will be the first emergency medicine residency program in mid-Missouri.

The MU School of Medicine will recruit six to eight residents, or physicians who have graduated from medical school, for its first class.

The chairman of the medical school's Department of Emergency Medicine said he's tried creating this type of residency at the university for some time.

"I've been working with hospitals and medical schools to create emergency medicine residencies for about 25 years," Marc Borenstein said. "Emergency medicine is one of the newest specialities in medicine, having only existed since the late 1970's."

He said only three emergency medicine programs exist in Missouri. Two are in St. Louis and one is in Kansas City.

Resident training begins in July 2014 and runs through 2017. The three-year program will consist of more than just emergency medicine.

"Training will also include critical care, medicine, trauma, orthopaedics, anesthesia, pediatric emergency medicine and labor and delivery," Borenstein said.  

He said the extensive training is necessary because specialized training in emergency medicine has become more important as technology advances.

"We are building an emergency medicine ultrasound program, and that's the use of ultrasound technology to support us in making critical decisions at the bedside at which time is of the essence," Borenstein said.  

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education granted approval for the Missouri program in September.

Borenstein said he's already received more than 200 applications and he expects several hundred more.