University Hospital Opens New Operating Room

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COLUMBIA - The University of Missouri Hospital added an additional operating room.  This new operating room is known as the Hybrid Operating Room and has been in operation for about three to four months.  Doctors at the University Hospital are excited about the new suite because surgeons can work together as a multidisciplinary cardiovascular team, along with cardiology.  Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery Ajit Tharakan says, "It gives us the ability to take care of complex patients, patients with complex diseases, involving the heart and vascular system.  It allows us to take care of patients that require Cath Lab facilities as well as operative interventions and we can do that at the same time." The Hybrid O.R. allows vascular surgeons, cardiothoracic surgeons and other multidisciplinary surgical teams to work together.  Sometimes these surgeons will perform different procedures simultaneously. This results in faster, life-saving surgeries for patients. 

This Hybrid O.R. allows surgeons and cardiologists to work together simultaneously.  Chief of Vascular Surgery Todd Vogel says, "The Hybrid room allows us to do more complex procedures in a shorter time, we use less radiation and also less dye.  All these things lead to complications and other problems.  The Hybrid Room offers us the latest technology to avoid those problems."  This new operating room is the only Hybrid O.R. in mid-Missouri.  This operating room allows surgeons to convert from a normal procedure to an emergency procedure quicker and more effectively.  It is the only Level One trauma center in central Missouri and surgeons say it is a great addition to the hospital.