University of Missouri files with FCC to purchase radio station

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COLUMBIA - The University of Missouri is closer to finalizing a deal with Stephens College concerning the purchase of a radio station.

"It's been a couple of years of a process," Rebecca Kline with Stephens College said. "You have to go through discussions and negotiations and you have to work with the FCC and get their approval." 

MU filed Monday with the FCC to approve the purchase of 90.5 FM (KWWC-FM).

Kline said selling the radio station is what Stephens students wanted.

"They wanted a digital radio station," Kline said, "They wanted their parents and friends to be able to listen. It's a popular model now for college radio." 

Instead of the radio station that airs only in Columbia, Stephens will now have a digital one that can be accessed online anywhere in the world. 

The university is paying $50,000 in cash for the station and is providing Stephens College with $50,000 more in free public service. 

MU already owns 91.3 KBIA and 90.5 FM would add to the University's radio program. 

"Mizzou was a great fit because they already have the news radio program," Kline said. 

Once the transition is complete, KBIA will air only news broadcasts and 90.5 FM would air classical music. 

MU will be able to start using the radio station once the FCC approves the transfer.