University of Missouri Looks Into Faculty Salary Increases

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COLUMBIA - University of Missouri faculty and staff could see a 3 percent salary increase for the 2014 budget. Any increase would be based on performance reviews and satellite campuses. Dr. Rhonda Gliber, director of budget, said the university wants the average salary to remain competitive as set by the Association of American Universities.

"When you look other institutions in the AAU faculty salary, we rank at pretty much the bottom. You have to give some increase or incentive if other universities are too. If we don't, we're falling down," Gibler said.

Gibler said the university plans to look at the possibility of hiring an additional 100 tenure faculty members within five years.

"If you want to keep the very best, you have to compete with other offers to show at least an improvement in salary over time," Gibler said.

Gibler said the university expects about a 400 student increase. Gibler said the university will have about a $10 million deficit given the 3 percent salary increase.

"We're looking into several scenarios to come up with money. It could mean some units not filling vacant positions or reduce spending on other items and realign for those raises. We've been in a situation for many years in a row that increases in tuition and student numbers have left this an issue to reallocate funds," Gibler said.

The Board of Curators will discuss options at a meeting on Thursday and Friday at the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla. Gibler said typically budget plans are finalized some time around June.