University Village Daycare

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COLUMBIA - Safety became the focus of a meeting on Wednesday at the Student Parent Center at University Village.  The daycare, which is located within the same complex where a balcony collapsed Saturday, holds routine parent teacher meetings. 

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Parents were able to email or ask questions in person at the meeting Wednesday. No decisions were made but the questions will be passed on for future discussion.

"Parents got together to discuss their concerns about the center and to basically discuss what our options might be in terms of keeping the center open," Student Parent Center parent Chris Engelhardt said.

Engelhardt's said he pulled his son from the center because he is concerned the building is not safe.  He said he hopes the center will stay open because he and his wife, an MU student, rely on the daycare.

"If not for the center we strongly believe she wouldn't be able to finish her degree and of course the University cares about it's faculty, staff, and students and we think that this is a great opportunity for the University to perhaps find a different location for the center rather than shut it down, " Engelhardt said.

The daycare will remain open and there are no plans to close.