University Wireless Users See Improvements

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COLUMBIA - Following three days of frustrated complaints about MU's wireless services, the school's Division of IT reports big improvements on Thursday.

The university saw record numbers of wireless users, to accompany the record number of new students, with almost 4,000 devices trying to access the system at one time on average in comparison to last year's 900.

IT Strategic Planning Director Terry Robb said the system has been plagued by bugs. But with the help of some of the university's prior wireless technology coupled with the new, Robb said the problems should be subsiding.

Students on campus expressed satisfaction with today's wireless service, most saying their connection remained reliable throughout the day. "It's smooth today," MU student Ryan Curtis said. "It's not playing hard to get, I think maybe it just needed to feel appreciated." With students and faculty now using not only laptops but iPads, androids and comparable devices, the heavy traffic places a large strain on the system.

Robb said all the bugs are not gone yet, but specialists are still working on the problem.