Unpaid Workers Take Legal Action Against Aspen Heights

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COLUMBIA - Construction subcontractors that worked on the Aspen Heights student housing complex earlier this year took legal action Tuesday against the company after the subcontractors said they still weren't paid. 

Tom Roach owns Roach Construction Services. His crews worked on the Aspen Heights complex from February 12 to March 11. Roach said he was not paid by Aspen Heights or the project's contractor, Aurora Companies, for more than 2,000 hours his workers put into the project. He said he is unable to compensate about 25 workers without being paid by Aspen Heights or Aurora Companies. 

In a letter filed in court Tuesday, Roach's attorney said Aspen Heights owes Roach Construction Services $21,775.

The letter said, in part, "This amount included unpaid hours of $18,325, plus $3,200 for unreimbursed hotel charges, and $250 for Roach's equipment, which was stolen from the 'secured' site."

Roach filed a mechanic's lien against Aspen Heights Tuesday in order to claim the money he said he is owed. 

KOMU 8 News talked with Glen Robinson, another construction worker who worked on the site. Robinson said he still had not been paid for his work either. 

As of 3:00 p.m. Tuesday, KOMU 8 News was waiting on a news release from Aspen Heights about the legal action. Stuart Watkins, a representative from Aspen Heights, said the company was unaware of any legal action being taken against the company.