Unsolved crimes in Callaway County leave officials asking for help

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CALLAWAY COUNTY - Callaway County Crime Stoppers is encouraging citizens to call in with tips to help close cases. KOMU 8 obtained lists of unsolved crimes throughout the county that officers believe are the most important to solve in the area. 

Law enforcement officials said they look to the public when crimes go unsolved, and tips can make the difference. The county has seen a decrease in callers in recent years but wants to change the trend.

For example, Holts Summit Police Chief Kyle McIntyre and his team are still looking to close a death investigation case from January of this year. He said the police department received tips at the beginning of the investigation, but after following all of the leads given, they were stuck at a dead end.

Chief McIntyre said his team investigates every lead they are given.

"Without the information they're giving us, we don't know this information. So they call, and it gives us something to follow up on," McIntyre said.

He also said people may not know to call in or are afraid of getting involved.

Callaway County Crime Stoppers says it uses a number without caller ID and said its service is "a safe, anonymous avenue for citizens to aide law enforcement in solving crimes committed in their county and keeping their community safe from repeat criminals".

Briggs Gun Shop owner Carl Adams is a victim of an open crime. Burglars broke into his store and stole the entire inventory twice in 2007.

Adam said his small business was hit hard by the crime but encourages his neighbors to work together to solve open cases like his.

"I hope it helps everyone help see what can go on in your community, regardless if you're in the gun business or the hardware business or whatever," said Adams.

Click on the links below to see a list of the open cases in your area in Callaway County:


Holts Summit

Callaway County

The Callaway County Sheriffs Department did not release the information on ongoing homicide investigations.

The Callaway County Crime Stoppers board is raising funds for rewards in some cases with information leading to an arrest. To give information on a crime call 573-592-2474.