Upcoming winter weather could contribute to mid-Missouri tree damage

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COLUMBIA- Lately, mid-Missourians have had the chance to build a snowman or go sledding and then eventually warm up next to a fire. But behind all of this fun, the snow is actually causing a lot of trouble for the trees in the area.

The arctic blast that had swept through mid-Missouri left tree limbs on the ground and trucks split in half. The weight from the snow piled on until the branches snapped under pressure.

One Columbia resident explained how he's seen first hand a tree break due to snow.

Joe Burch, a resident of the First Ward in Columbia, MO, explains that he was sitting on his couch when he and his friends heard a loud noise outside.

"I thought it was a car backfiring because it was so loud," Burch says.

He realized that the tree in his front yard had snapped due to the additional weight from the snow and landed on his gutter.

"If the tree would have fallen five feet to the left, it could have really damaged my place and went though the window," Burch says.

Rachel Eckert, a frequent runner at Stephens Lake Park, explains that she hopes that the trees will be okay once the snow melts away.

"Its really going to ruin my view when I run," Eckert says. 

With another snowstorm projected to come in on Friday, tree specialists are warning people.
Stewart Scott is a tree care expert at Cevet Tree Care located in mid-Missouri. Scott is offering advice on how to prevent further damage to the trees.

Scott suggests you should "prune" your trees. Pruning is when you take the branches off the tree that aren't growing straight up. You want the tree to have one central stem with the branches coming off as straight as possible. The straighter the branch, the easier the connection.

In addition, Scott recommends getting your trees tested at least once a year to make sure they are growing in the right direction and to prevent further damage by snow or other weather.