UPDATE - Arson and Shootings Bring Warrant Confusion

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COLUMBIA - Andrea Brookins son was taken into custody Monday evening. Brookins says she and her family are being victimized by gang violence.  She claims someone set her home on fire last  Saturday night and then Sunday someone allegedly fired shots at her 16 year-old son.

"I am a victim, I have lost my house. I don't care what these children are doing on the street. I have lost my house and a car. And they refuse to give me protective custody," said Brookins of the police departments lack of help.

Now, Andrea Brookins is experiencing a mess of confusion as far as warrants go.

According to Brookins timeline the Columbia police came to her house Monday asking to search her car without a warrant. After denyinig the police search, officers said they would bring a warrant on Friday. Then Brookins said she later recieved a call that if she did not bring her son to the court house, police would put out a warrant for her arrest.

According to Brookins, the warrents have not yet been written even though the police have searched her car.  Also, the police confiscated her sons cell phone. 

"All I wanted to do was do your job right and give me a search warrant. You can not go through my personal property without a search warrant," said Brookins about the police departments alleged actions.

Her son remains in the Juvenile Detention Center awaiting a hearing.  The trial date is scheduled but Brookins did not feel it was safe to release that information yet.