UPDATE: Ashland Mobile Home Park Residents Claim City Won\'t Plow Streets

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ASHLAND - Residents of Amega Mobile Homes claim the city of Ashland has failed to plow their roads in recent snow storms, leaving many stranded in their homes and unable to get necessary medical assistance.  Even cars with four-wheel drive struggled to get out of the 65-trailer mobile home park Tuesday evening, as a foot of snow, icy water and ruts covered the pavement.  Shortly before 8:30 Tuesday evening, KOMU 8 learned thanks in part to its coverage, the mobile home park manager hired a private snow plow company to clear the roads.

Amega Mobile Homes park manager Tuff DeLine declined KOMU 8 News's request for comment, but resident Paul Reeder said Delines told him the city is responsible for clearing the streets.  According to Reeder, owner Greg DeLine (Tuff's brother) and the general manager also claim the city is to blame.

Reeder said he's frustrated by the problem. "Is the city responsible? Because I am paying a lot of city tax here. Or, is the owner responsible to get this done? Either way, I cannot get out [with my] vehicle. I'm off work right now because I got hurt at work." Reeder went on to say,  "I have a workman's comp. physical therapist that I have to see every day, and because I'm on workman's comp., it's mandatory."

Resident Michelle Crane said she worries about the safety of her two sons -- one has what she said are "medical issues," and the other is disabled. 

"He gets nursing care in the evening," Crane said.  "They come by and they check him.  If he had a seizure or a medical issue, it would be scary.  I know of a lady across the street that just got out of the hospital that can't walk.  I know she's supposed to have nurses come out.  She hasn't had no nurses come out, because they can't get here."

Crane said, "We all pay our taxes on our electric bills and whatever other bills we have.  We pay city taxes on our personal property tax.  The place up here that owns this park pays their taxes.  Just like everybody else, we should get our roads plowed, but it's not."

KOMU 8's calls to the Ashland Police Department and the city clerk went unreturned, and the Boone County Fire Protection District denied responsibility for or knowledge of the area's snow clearing procedures.

The outer road leading up to the mobile home park and adjacent Highway 63 were clear Tuesday afternoon, as MoDOT crews plowed the area.  The point at which state maintenance ends, as indicated by a sign, is approximately 200 yards from the entrance of the mobile home park.