UPDATE: Aspen Heights Issues Statement About Workers

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COLUMBIA - Aspen Heights issued a statement Monday announcing it had made contact with R Energy, the contractor in the center of a controversy over unpaid workers. The statement said the companies are trying to reach a solution where all people owed money are paid. 

"Aspen Heights is currently working with the subcontractors affiliated with R Energy LLC to address the monetary obligations owed by R Energy," the statement said. Aspen Heights said it made contact with four of the seven subcontractors associated with the project and is attempting to make contact with the other three.

A representative from Aspen Heights said site managers will be meeting with subcontractors Tuesday and more information will be available after their meeting.

The statement said that Aspen Heights is not aware of any more stranded workers in Columbia. If there are stranded workers, the company said they should contact a site supervisor immediately.

City Councilman Gary Kespohl said this situation will most likely not change the way rezoning is done in the future. City council members usually assume developers have the funds to back up a project when voting on rezoning. There is no indication the unpaid workers are due to a lack of fund from Aspen Heights.