UPDATE: Body identified in connection to arrested Missouri man with 53 stolen firearms

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BOONE COUNTY - A death, a huge cache of weapons and a suspect whose gun jammed as he was aiming at a deputy are all connected, according to the Boone County Sheriff's Department.

In the most recent development Friday, Boone County deputies found Elise’ise Q. McNeal, 34, dead in a Columbia residence on the 6100 block of West Hatton Chapel Road. It is the same home that deputies visited Thursday after someone called police to report stolen guns, Det. Tom O'Sullivan told KOMU 8 News Friday evening.

"Well, obviously, it was somewhat of a surprise that we thought we were dealing with theft of a large number of weapons and then the investigation shifted in another direction into a suspicious death investigation," O'Sullivan said.

He said it's connected to an arrest made in southwestern Missouri Thursday.

A Christian County deputy said he was conducting traffic enforcement on Highway 65 when a pickup truck sped by and drove erratically before being stopped, according to the Associated Press.

Jason Roy Anderson emerged from the truck and pointed a .22-caliber rifle at the deputy's car, according to a probable cause statement. The weapon apparently jammed at some point. It was unclear if any shots were fired. The deputy was not hurt, according to the Associated Press.

A neighbor said she watched Anderson grow up and was surprised to hear about the traffic stop incident.

"I would not have expected that from what I knew from him as a kid," Linda Carlos said. 

Deputies used a stun gun on Anderson. Investigators said they found 53 firearms and 5,000 rounds of ammunition in the truck.

O'Sullivan said Boone County deputies, following up on their own investigation into the stolen guns, went back to the home Friday morning and found McNeal dead.

The death is being considered suspicious, O'Sullivan said. An autopsy report released Monday stated McNeal died from gunshot wounds.

(Editor's note: KOMU.com has updated this story to include the address of the incident.)

(Editor's note #2: KOMU.com has updated this story to include the identity of the woman who was killed.)