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COLUMBIA - A 15-year-old male victim is stable at University Hospital after a shooting Tuesday afternoon at the 2300 block of Parks Edge Place in Columbia. According to the probable cause statement, the shooting happened during a drug deal.

Two juveniles were taken into custody for robbery in the first degree.  Johnny Hurd, 18, was arrested for three different counts. Hurd was arrested for the class A felony of assault in the first degree, the class A felony of robbery in the first degree, and a felony of armed criminal action.  

Police stated in court documents that the victim was shot in the chest at his home after selling the two juveniles and Hurd marijuana. Officers said after Hurd shot the victim, the two juveniles and Hurd ran away and were taken into custody that evening.  

Neighbors were caught off guard by the shots fired and said the street is typically very quite.  

The victim's next door neighbor, Nihan Uzun, said, "Children are outside in the streets playing all the time, playing basketball or swimming.  Everyone is friendly; it's a safe street."

Another neighbor who chose to remain anonymous said she pulled up to her home 10 minutes before the shot was fired. She said she did not hear any screaming or fighting beforehand, so the gun shot was shocking to her. Uzun told a very similar story.

"I was just at home in my living room and my dog started barking nonstop and then we heard a bang sound, but at the time we did not know it was a gunshot until police and an ambulance arrived at the house. We didn't hear any yelling, flighting, or cursing from the house, so the gunshot surprised us," Uzun said. 

The Columbia Police Department determined the crime to be an aggravated assault. When KOMU 8 News looked into Columbia's aggravated assault record, we saw the number of aggravated assault crimes in Columbia has spiked significantly in 2017 compared to 2016 and the five year average.