UPDATE: Fulton woman acts out movie scene and kills boyfriend, police said

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FULTON - The Callaway County prosecutor charged a Fulton woman with second-degree murder after police said she admitted to shooting and killing her boyfriend. 

Prosecuting attorney Christopher Wilson also charged Kalesha Marie Peterson with unlawful use of a weapon. 

Peterson, 37, of Fulton, and her boyfriend, 36-year-old David Dalton, were playing out the scene of a movie that involved a gun, a news release said. 

Peterson said the two were drinking and watching a movie Thursday, according to police, and it was Dalton who suggested they play out the scene. 

They grabbed a handgun kept in a bedroom to act it out, police said, and Peterson had the gun in her hand when it went off. 

Peterson called Callaway County Joint Communications at 10:22 p.m. and said she had accidentally shot Dalton, police said. 

She told police she tried to stop the bleeding from the gunshot wound to Dalton's head. Medics and Fulton police were not able to save him.

The medical examiner confirmed Dalton had a single fatal gunshot wound to the head.

Peterson told investigators that Dalton had used the .38 caliber Taurus revolver in weeks prior. He had not removed one of the shell casings, investigators found.

Two spent shell casings were found in the revolver, which police said they found and had been described by Peterson.

The Fulton Police Department said Peterson provided a breath sample confirming that she had consumed alcohol.

Peterson admitted she had been drinking whiskey and was intoxicated, police said, and a bottle of whiskey was found in the bedroom.

A detective said she could smell "the strong odor of an intoxicating beverage coming from Peterson's breath."

Peterson said she was taking "several medications," police said. 

Officers saw prescriptions with Peterson's name on them. Some of the prescriptions "included medications known to increase impairment when used with alcoholic beverages," the release said.