UPDATE: Glendale Farm Looks Forward After Fire

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BOONE COUNTY - Owners of Glendale Farm said farm equipment including a grain combine and hay bailer were a total loss in a fire that broke out two weeks ago. Frank Glenn told KOMU 8 Wednesday the fire continued burning about 300 bails of hay in a barn for three to four days.

Glenn said friends and neighbors helped put the fire out. Crown Power and Equipment, a local construction equipment dealer, also donated a track hoe to help tear down the walls of the barn. That allowed volunteers to sweep hay around to put the fire out faster. Glenn said the fire caused more than $350,000 in damage.

"In 1938, our grandparents lived here on this farm... There was a tornado that totally destroyed the home. That was one of the worst tragedies [the farm] had at that time," Glenn said. "This is the next one... this fire." Glenn also said the farm will need to persevere and try to replace the building.

Glendale Farm hopes to build a new structure eventually. Glenn said the farm's new structure will likely be made of wood because it would be cheaper to replace. Glendale Farm also had to buy a new hay bailer to start building up a new supply. 

Glenn said a couple of salvage companies from different parts of the state are placing bids on equipment and remains they believe can be saved.

Owners still aren't sure what exactly caused the fire. Glenn said fire investigators believe dry hay in the barn spontaneously combusted, but that is only one possible explanation.