UPDATE: Health Dept. Investigates Bugs in Lunch at St. Joseph

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SALISBURY - Parents were upset Friday after students at St. Joseph Catholic School in Salisbury came home with reports of bugs in lunch food served Thursday in Salisbury. The caller said eighth graders complained of both weevils and worms in the chicken noodle soup and were told by administrators to eat it and not say anything.

The principal of the school, Janice Dubbert, refused to comment on camera about the claims, but did tell KOMU 8 News the school was cooperating with the Chariton County Health Department.

Carrie Scheid, administrator with the Chariton County Health Department, also refused to go on camera about the incident and her department's investigation.

Instead, the health center issued a written statement, but it just made the case more confusing.

"The Chariton County Health Center inspected the school where the report of bugs occurred and the business where the school purchased the noodles. The Health Center found no evidence of insects neither in the pantry in the school nor in the local grocery store."

But having said that, the statement went on to say school officials are "cooperating to assure that it does not happen again." That part of the statement--about it not happening again--seemingly contradicts the earlier part of the statement that says nothing occurred.

KOMU 8 News did place calls to school board members at St. Joseph Catholic School but those calls were not returned.