UPDATE: Jefferson City Public Schools Warn Residents of Fake Fundraiser

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City Police Department is waiting to decide how to investigate the case of a fundraiser scam. The Jefferson City Public School administration warned residents Wednesday morning that several young people were going door to door, collecting money in exchange for magazines. Group members told residents it was a fundraiser to send the school's soccer team to Hawaii.

According to Sargeant Jason Payne, the Jefferson City Police Department is currently waiting to learn if  the people are going door to door again. Payne said officials are not sure that the group has succeeded in collecting any money. He said if that's the case, it could be more serious since it involved selling a product, as opposed to simply collecting donations. If the scammers received money, Payne said they could be charged with fraud.

Even if the group has not collected money, Payne said there is a possibility the members could be charged with violating city ordinances for not obtaining a business license or alerting city hall that they were conducting a fundraiser.