UPDATE: MO Politicians React to Ruling to Uphold Health Care Law

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JEFFERSON CITY - State lawmakers reacted Thursday to news that President Obama's Affordable Care Act was upheld by a 5-4 ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court. The act mandates most Americans buy health insurance or pay a fine.

Republican Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder held a conference call Thursday morning to discuss the implications of the act. Kinder said it was strange to him that the majority of the court could uphold this act under the taxation power when members had said earlier in the debate that they were not exercising that power.

KOMU 8 News attempted to contact Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill for comment, but only received a statement from her office that read: "There's only ever been one goal for Claire -- affordable, accessible health care for Missouri."

Representative Mary Nichols, D-Maryland Heights, said she thinks the Affordable Care Act is a positive change and she expects her constituents to be thrilled. NIchols said that anyone who said they oppose the act is simply using a campaign tactic, not looking out for the welfare of all Americans.