UPDATE: NRC Cites Two Safety Issues at Callaway Nuclear Plant

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CALLAWAY COUNTY - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission spoke out on Friday after discovering two safety problems with central Missouri's Callaway nuclear power plant.

The NRC found two problems of "very low" but "more than minor" safety significance during a mandatory quarterly inspection of the Ameren Missouri-operated plant.  The inspection looked at plant performance from June to September of this year. 

Results of the inspection were released Thursday.  Victor Dricks, NRC Region 4 Public Affairs Representative, told KOMU 8 that the NRC found a violation with a motor-operated valve that failed after maintenance procedures were not followed.  Dricks also said inspectors cited an incorrect setting for the breakers for an alternate emergency power supply.

The findings were listed as "more than minor" because they were associated with plant equipment. 

Dricks explained that the findings should not be a concern to the community. He said, "It is rare that we conduct an inspection and don't see something wrong.  We almost always find something."

Mike Cleary, Callaway Plant communications executive, added that Ameren Misosuri was glad the NRC found the problem before something bad could happen. 

Cleary released a statement which said, "Overall, this was a very good inspection report. The two findings identified were of very low safety significance, and both were promptly corrected. We do not plan to contest either finding."