Update on manhunt involving a Moberly bank robbery

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BOONE COUNTY - A news conference late Friday afternoon with Missouri State Highway Patrol revealed details about the armed robbery of a Moberly bank Friday morning, including the possibility of a third suspect and gunfire.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Sergeant Brent Bernhardt said deputies recovered a Joker mask he believes one of the suspects was wearing. He also said at least one shot was fired from the suspects' car outside the bank but couldn't confirm details.

State troopers said early Friday afternoon they had a 25-year-old man in custody, but added that there could be two more suspects. Police are searching for the suspects in a corn field near the Boone County and Randolph County line. They said they were also following a lead in an area about a mile south of the field. 

The Missouri State Highway Patrol and Boone County Sheriff's Office have been searching the field since Friday morning after witness accounts that there were three suspects in a car that fled the scene of a robbery at the Bank Midwest in Moberly

Randolph County deputies responded to a southbound chase on Highway 63 and found a gray Honda in a commuter parking lot, where four police dogs and two helicopters assisted troopers and deputies in searching the field for the suspects who ran away.

Troopers said they will continue to search the field until weather conditions change or they get a lead elsewhere. If the suspects aren't found before dark, the Missouri State Highway Patrol said it plans to use an infrared reader in the helicopter to sweep the field for the suspects' body heat.