Update: Southern Boone School District Chooses Investigation Team

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ASHLAND - The Southern Boone County R-1 School Board approved three people Thursday to run an investigation into the superintendent. The resignation letter of Assistant Supertindent Carolyn Deffenbaugh went viral June 20. The letter accused Superintendent Charlotte Miller of nepotism, favoritism, wasteful spending, and unfair pay raises. The investigation team will examine those allegations.

The school board selected a three-person all-male team: Burt Kimble, Jim Ritter, and Matt Uhrig. Both Kimble and Ritter are retired superintendents with no Ashland connection. Uhrig is an Ashland City Council member and the city council believes he will remain unbiased because he did not volunteer for the position.

"It worries me if someone wants to do the job. They must have some sort of biased motivation behind it. That's why we only selected one community member," said school board member Jesse Richardson.

Some community members present didn't agree with the three-person, all-male committee. They expressed the need for another member.

"I think we need another committee member, someone else with the community's interest in mind," said parent Caryn Hopwood, whose son is in middle school.

The board went forward and approved the three members and said they would discuss a possible fourth member. Both Kimble and Ritter were present and discussed possible problems with the investigation.

"When it comes to personnel files, we will need written permission to view those. From the letter, I think we will need those files," said Kimble.

The board also approved the budget for the team not to exceed $10,000. Each member will receive $20 an hour, plus transportation reimbursement. Kimble and Ritter said they believe they could have the investigation finished by the third week of July.

Richards emphasized what the team finds is only one part of the puzzle.

"We will take their findings and then make the next move, whatever that may be," he said.

Ashland schools start August 15.