UPDATE: Sunrise Beach Police trying to locate man before he can harm his family

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SUNRISE BEACH - Multiple agencies are looking for a man out on bond, who escaped his GPS tracker. Thursday officials added Tom Rickey II to Missouri's most wanted list.

Rickey II posted bonds adding up to $22,000 and was released from the Camden County Adult Detention Facility. One rule under his bond was to be monitored by a GPS bracelet, according to a press release from the Camden County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. 

Prosecuting attorney Heather Miller said, “He could be anywhere. By this point in time he could be out of the state of Missouri."

Police say they tried contacting Rickey II, but he was not at his home.

“[The tracking company] had a very brief alert, then [the GPS] charged as normal and they had no idea this was not working right until they went to the address he was supposed to be and he was not there.”

Sunrise Beach Police Officer Travis Sheppard said they have reason to believe Rickey II is in the Kansas City area hiding out.

Now, Sunrise Beach Police are asking the public to keep a lookout for Rickey II.  

If someone thinks they have spotted Rickey II, police said you should call local authorities. 

"Let’s check, let’s make sure," Sheppard said. "If it is, we’ve got him off the streets. We’ve got him in custody. Everybody’s a little safer.”

Rickey II is accused of child endangerment and domestic assault.

"This is not something I would encourage people to go home and shutter their doors, we’re just asking for help and awareness within the community,” Miller said.

A witness in one of Rickey II's cases said he hit his ex-girlfriend several times in the face. He also attempted to run her off the road with children in his car.

He is also wanted for assaulting other members of the Camden County community with bear mace, according to probable cause statements. 

(This story has been updated with new information.)

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