Update: Three People in Custody for Double Homicide Near Versailles

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VERSAILLES - The Morgan County Sheriff's Office is investigating a double homicide south of Versailles just off Route TT.

The two victims have been identified as Carol and Freddy Wilson. Both appear to have died from gunshot wounds. The couple was found at their home, 12931 Dorsey Lane. 

Morgan County 911 received a phone call Monday from a female around 11 a.m. stating that she had been shot.

The sheriff's office stated they received a second call from the same residence three minutes later, and it appeared to be the same woman. There were statements made on the second phone call, but the content of the 911 calls have not been released.

Deputies and a state trooper dispatched to the scene. The first deputies arrived and found two people, a man and a woman who had both been shot. The couple was found breathing but both passed away a few minutes later.

A deputy met a white van near the residence. A Morgan County detective later drove into a ditch to avoid the van.

One of the passengers moved the wheel when the state trooper approached the white van. However, the sherriff's office said the passenger did not know it was a state trooper. The van attempted to hit the detective's vehicle head on after seeing the state trooper's car about three miles away from the scene on Highway 5.

The two cars were side-swiped and both side view mirrors were knocked off.

A second detective observed the incident and the state trooper returned to the scene where one female and two males were taken into custody.

The suspects' identities have not been released but they will likely be charged Tuesday morning. Investigators have not released a motive, but the suspects and the victims did know each other. The Morgan County Sheriff said the suspects drove from Eldon Monday morning.

The sheriff's office is being assisted by the Highway Patrol Division of Drug and Crime Control.

The crime scene will be processed Monday night and an autopsy will occur Tuesday morning to confirm the causes of death.